Biodegradable glitter in nacre flakes.


Biodegradable glitter made with seaweed. Natural and vegan mineral pigments with Ecocert certification.

As it is an artisan process, each batch will be unique.

How to wear your glitter:

  1. Moisten the area where the glitter is to be applied with a gel, lip balm or cream.
  2. Spread this same product on a brush or fingertip to pass it over the desired area.
  3. Dab a few fingertips (without the product or glitter) so that the glitter flakes adhere completely.
  4. Remove with soap and water.


Small glass:              (makes approximately 10 single makeups)

Medium glass: 2gr (makes approximately 20 single makeups)
Big glass: 4gr (makes approximately 16 single makeups)


The product must be kept closed and stored in a dry and cool place, out of direct sunlight. It can be mixed with other colors and applied with your finger or brush with no rush.

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Big size, Medium size, Small size


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